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A Look Back at 2018

Posted by Tanner Smith

Dec 27, 2018 9:15:25 AM

A Year of Mission!Warren Willis- Sunrise

In early 2018 the staff of the newly combined Life Enrichment Center and Warren Willis Camp gathered to begin discerning a renewed mission statement for our site. We focused on the traditions behind both of these sites, and the areas in which we want to grow in the future. We looked at the biblical examples of spiritual retreat and discussed the needs of groups and spiritual communities across Florida. After many hours we crafted this statement of mission:

We prepare a sacred space in a natural setting for all to grow in community and connect with Christ.

Almost immediately we began to see the fruits of this worthwhile labor. Our staff was able to identify and prioritize projects that would help us live out this mission in powerful ways. We began creating spaces for small groups to gather in fellowship all throughout our site. We created a Green Team and began developing a comprehensive environmental policy. We have also started an internship program to begin training the next generation of camp and retreat ministry professionals. We are excited about the future of this sacred space, and the mission-driven work that our staff is doing here.

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2018 Site ImprovementsIMG_3625

Over the past year, our staff has been dedicated to making improvements around our site. One of these exciting projects includes replacing our iconic floating cross on Lake Griffin. The new and improved LED Cross is the heart of Warren Willis Camp and is a powerful symbol for those who visit our site. With these new LED lights the Cross shines brighter and is seen by those all around Lake Griffin.


Along with the beautiful new Cross, we upgraded our pool restrooms. Our pool is used by thousands of campers throughout the summer and visitors throughout the year. Our restrooms now include spacious stalls, updated fixtures, and a new changing stall.

In 2017 we heard from some of our guests about the hazards of walking certain sidewalks at night. In response, we have installed lights from the lobby to the lodging buildings at the Life Enrichment Center.

Potentially our most noticeable improvement made this year is the repurposing of our Life Enrichment Center lobby. We want to create intentional spaces to fulfill our mission of “growing in community and connecting with Christ” and this change will give guests a space to gather and enjoy a wide variety of refreshments. All of these improvements are a testament to the hard work and forward thinking of our amazing staff. We are so excited about what we can do in 2019 with the support of our amazing guests! 


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Engaging with our Local Families

00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181217154635692_COVERThe Warren Willis Camp offers the After School Adventures program as an affordable Christ-centered aftercare option for local elementary school students. The program currently cares for 25 children weekdays from 3:00pm-6:00pm. Each day, our staff offers a variety of activities including gaga ball, bouldering, rollerblading, and swimming! These classic camp activities afford campers the opportunity to play outside every single day, learn important social skills from free play, and grow closer to Christ!


Additionally, After School Adventures partners with Community United Methodist of Fruitland Park in their Wonderful Wednesday Program. There, over 100 students from Fruitland Park Elementary and After School Adventures register for three unique classes in half-hour increments. Students enjoy classes like cooking, ceramics, ukulele, gardening, and cardio drumming! After School Adventures is a wonderful ministry camp offers to local families, and is a growing, thriving program camp is proud to offer!

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