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Campers Are Here!

Posted by Ty Revell

Jun 14, 2016 8:19:36 AM



Orientation week has flown by here at Warren Willis, and yesterday we finally started our first day of summer camp! Our counselors are hard at work making sure that the campers have the most fun possible (and also eating/showering/sleeping/maintaining general wellbeing, for the moms and dads reading). On days like this, we can’t help but thank God for giving us this place to work and learn and worship and teach and build relationships together. Camp has made an impact on each of our lives at some point, and we are so blessed with the chance to pass along some of the lessons we’ve learned here to our campers.


Below are the names of each team member who is serving at camp this summer. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, as we know that we cannot do this job through our own strength. If not for the strength and guidance of God, we could not make it through the whole summer. Pray this prayer with us as we continue our week:


“The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious unto you;

The Lord life up his countenance upon you,

And give you peace”


Abbie G.

Abigail L.

Alex G.

Alex M.

Allison B.

Allison O.

Allycia N.

Amanda B.

Bailey S.

Ben S.

Bri W.

Brian H.

Brittany B.

Caleb S.

Corey G.

Cory R.

Danielle V.

David L.

David J.

David W.

Dean M.

Debra V.

Delaney T.

Dylan W.

Emily A.

Emily W.

Emma H.

Erica M.

George C.

Grace M.

Grace O.

Haley H.

Hannah R.

Haylie T.

Heather P.

Heather P.

Issac N.

Jack C.

Jack H.

Jake B.

Jacquie C.

Jennifer F.

Jennifer P.

Jessica K.

Jill H.

Joanna G.

Joel P.

Jordan H.

Josh Z.

Joshua S.

Justin O.

Kaitlin A.

Kari B.

Kari C.

Katie C.

Kayla M.

Kayla W.

Kaytlyn M.

Kelsey H.

Kevin S.

Killian Q.

Kim F.

Kimberlyn G.

Kris R.

Kristen A.

Kristen H.

Krystal R.

Leah R.

Lizzee L.

Lloyd W.

Madeline W.

Madison T.

Maison W.

Malinda R.

Margaret M.

Marisa C.

Matt S.

Megan K.

Megan L.

Megan L.

Michael W.

Mike S.

Misty P.

Montana M.

Noah B.

Olivia R.

Quan P.

Rachel W.

Rebecca F.

Russell L.

Samantha J.

Sarah K.

Savannah S.

Sean S.

Seth C.

Shawn K.

Shelby S.

Stephen B.

Swain P.

Tanner J.

Tanner S.

Tatiana A.

Taylor P.

Taylor K.

Tina M.

Trace R.

Trey F.

Tristen J.

Ty R.

Ty W.

Tyler K.

Will H.

Will H.

Zach F.

Zach S.

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