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Camping Sunday 2015

Posted by Tanner Smith

Feb 26, 2015 3:02:00 PM

This email was sent to me to let us know about the awesome and unique approach one church took while celebrating Camping Sunday. Thank you to Archer UMC and all the churches that were a part of Camping Sunday!


Dear Tanner,
I am the pastor at Archer UMC in Archer, Florida. We are a small church with a congregation of about 30 people on Sunday mornings. Most of our congregation is older, but we have recently had a few elementary age children attending services. We were anxious for them to know about camp and our willingness to support them financially, if they were interested in going to camp. 
When my choir director, Brenda Skinner, who is also my AV person was asked to be prepared to show the video provided to the churches, she "ran" with the idea of Camp Sunday and planned a very uplifting and fun worship time.
When we entered the sanctuary dressed as campers (which we had been asked to do ahead of time) Brenda had an old time camp song, "Methodist Pie" playing in the background. We all received a name tag that had a name other than our own. At one point in the service we were asked to introduce ourselves to someone else and make a new friend. This was to simulate going to camp, meeting new people, and making new friends. All of the songs we sang during the service were camp songs. My children's sermon was a craft activity like the children might do at camp, and the sermon was on Jesus being present with us in our "wilderness" times. 
Everyone left filled with an excitement about camp and the idea of sending as many young people as we can to camp this year. I am enclosing a few pictures so you can see what a great time we had  learning how we can be a part of the camp ministry.
I also took the opportunity to put in a plug for adult leaders. I have served in that capacity myself prior to becoming a pastor and had an awesome experience. 
We hope to be able to help several young people attend camp this summer. Thanks for letting me share our experience with you.
Priscilla Scherrah, Pastor
Archer UMC