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Creative Spirit Camp

Posted by Katherine Manning

Apr 28, 2014 10:00:00 AM



Creative Spirit camp is a speciality camp that we offer once a summer, and it is always one of my favorite weeks of camp. This week gives campers the opportunity to share the artistic skills God has given them in a number of areas that we call "major groups", including music, dance, drama, art, and musical theater. This camp is a long tradition at WWC, and it offers campers a new and different camp experience.

The week at Creative Spirit camp builds up to "The Big Show", where campers get to share what they've been working on all week, but the purpose of this camp is much bigger. During this week, counselors emphasize the importance of appreciating the gifts that God has given us, and we hope to help campers open up to the comfort of sharing their gifts for the purpose of praising God. I think this is especially important for campers who haven't ever thought of using their gifts in this way- and this is why those who serve as Creative Spirit counselors are so passionate about this camp. This is why the camp is called "Creative Spirit"- we are here to appreciate the creative spirit within each camper.

Creative Spirit camp holds a special place in my heart, because of the experiences I've had with Creative Spirit campers as a counselor. I've worked with Creative Spirit camp for four summers, and each time I am blown away by the talents, joy, and honesty that these campers share. These kids are unique, hilarious, and, pardon the pun, so creative that the counselors enjoy the time we spend with them maybe even more than they enjoy being at camp.
Creative Spirit Camp is June 30- July 5. You can find more information and registration at http://www.warrenwilliscamp.org/creative-spirit-camp