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Dr. Grubseel, Olympics, and Time Travel Science

Posted by Ty Revell

Jun 21, 2016 9:59:42 AM

This summer at camp we have the opportunity to host some pretty interesting individuals! Keep reading for a little information about our guests.

The evil supervillain Dr. Grubseel has come back to camp for the first time since the 80’s and is absolutely appalled by how much camp has changed. Back in his days as a supervillain camper, he didn’t have air conditioning or water bottle filling stations. Also, he really can’t get over how we play 9-Square instead of 4-Square now. “Too many squares” says Grubseel in his convincing Eastern-European accent. This yellow-jumpsuit-clad supervillain is set on changing camp back to the way he remembers it, and our elementary campers have taken it upon themselves to stop him! It’s time for them to train as superheroes and defeat the evil Dr. Grubseel. Of course, every good superhero needs a trainer and mentor. Luckily for us, an insurance agent named Shane Williams has been hanging out around camp lately. He knows a thing or two about training superheroes, and has agreed to help. Some year round staff have claimed that he looks a lot like an old superhero legend, The Bearded Wonder (But it’s totally not him, we promise!)

Here's a pic of Dr. Grubseel in case that helps you understand

Anyway, I have a feeling that Grubseel has his work cut out for him. Shane Williams seems to know what he’s doing, and these Elementary Campers have their hearts set on thwarting Grubseel’s plans once and for all.

Another exciting event happening at camp this summer is the ACTUAL OLYMPICS! For some reason, the 2016 Rio Olympics needed to be relocated, and Camp was chosen to be the host. They also needed to replace some (all) of the athletes, so we’ve given our Middle Schoolers the chance to step up and compete in the events! They’ve been training hard, and I really think they’ve got what it takes to bring home the gold medal. Of course, that is if they can impress the judges. Especially the oldest and crankiest judge in all Olympic history, Mr. Grubseel (No relation to the Supervillain, we promise). He’s been all extra mean lately, and nobody can really seem to guess why. It does seem to happen around a certain week every summer though. Anyway, Grubseel may be a cranky old man, but he can’t take away the spirit of the Olympics! Our Middle Schoolers are primed and ready to perform to the best of their abilities.

Strange occurrences seem to happen in threes, don’t they? They certainly do at camp. In addition to the exciting things that our Elementary and Middle School campers get to do, our High Schoolers have been learning about how to open holes in space/time and travel to the future/past and also outer space! All of this is thanks to the help of time travel scientist, Ingo Weindenhover. He has somehow collected the keys to time, and brought them to camp this summer! We’re not sure where he got them from, but it must be a legit source and nothing at all will go wrong. Dr. Weindenhover is quite respected in his field, after all. Our High School campers are going to be spending their week zooming through space and time with Dr. Weindenhover, and it will all be very educational.

All mystery aside, we are so excited to have each and every one of these campers here this week, and for the 6 weeks after that. Our hope and prayer is that we will experience God through all of the wacky things we do this week. We believe in building a strong community through sharing common space, intentional conversation, worship, and (of course) getting a little weird. Campers, thank you for choosing to spend your week here with is. Parents and churches, thank you for bringing your kids to us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for supporting camp with your prayers. We couldn’t do this without you.

Grace and Peace 

Also, spell Leesburg backwards. You’ll understand.



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