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New Skills for Summer 2015

Posted by Shawn Fordham

Jun 23, 2015 2:33:30 PM

Every week, campers get to sign up for different activities at camp that we call skills. On Monday evenings, the campers are read a list of the skills that are offered and get to sign up for four different skills they would like to participate in throughout the week. Recently a survey was taken by the counselors where they were asked which skills they found to be the most popular ones at camp. In fourth place was ultimate Frisbee which has been a skill for a long time. In third place was gaga ball which is an activity that camp added three summers ago. In second place was High Ropes which involves some high flying fun on our high ropes course. In first place, our three water sports came together to form the most fun activity at camp. Our water sports are sailing, canoeing, and tubing.

 DSC_0961Admit it, this would be your favorite skill too.

Something that is always exciting for campers is when we enter new skills into our program. In the last two years, we have added slack-lining, and it has been a big hit with campers. It is basically like tightrope walking. If you have never seen it before, you should check out some videos.

This year, we are introducing two new skills, Bouldering and Geocaching. Our new bouldering wall was worked on tirelessly by several of our team members throughout orientation week. If you are not familiar with the sport of bouldering, it can be compared to rock climbing but has some distinct differences. Our bouldering wall has more of a slanted angle to it than our rock climbing wall, and is used more for horizontal scaling of a wall rather than the vertical climbing you would do on a rock wall. It is not an activity that requires campers to be in harnesses as they are not at an elevation that requires it. The routes designed by our team members have three different difficulties with the potential of adding more so everyone can participate and be challenged by the wall at a different level.



Another skill we are offering this year that is brand new to camp is geocaching. Geocaching is an activity that is done world-wide and is used for hunting objects by means of GPS tracking. There are millions of boxes hidden worldwide that are full of prizes that can be earned by locating them and replacing them with another prize. At camp we have 30 boxes hidden and pin pointed by GPS coordinates. The skill that we offer provides the campers with a list of clues and coordinates that they can use to locate the area in which the box is hidden. In these boxes are hidden different trinkets that the kids can take and replace with their own. The camper favorite right now is homemade bracelets.

As camp continues throughout the years, it is cool to see that there are new things to offer so the campers can experience new things every year they come. Our hope is that through these skills the campers are able to form new friends, learn to work as a team, and experience God in the various activities they will participate in while at camp.

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