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Spring Confirmation Wrap Up

Posted by Shannon Schaeffer

Apr 24, 2014 3:19:00 PM

There is this special something at camp.  I don’t know how to explain it but at
Warren Willis you can feel God all around you.  



I can’t express the gratitude and love that I have for Warren Willis camp and its staff. As a parent sometimes we have apprehensions about sending our children away to retreats.  I know I have in the past.  I was fortunate enough to attend with our youth group for their confirmation retreat this spring. What an amazing gift this was. During the confirmation retreat our youth were free to be who they are. They were able to grow with each other while on their journey of faith.  Camp made this possible by not only providing an outstanding time of learning and worship, but also freedom as a church to work independently on our own program.  During this time our kids opened up in ways we never expected. Our kids spoke freely with each other and grew closer as a family.  



The path of silence was a moment I wont forget. I was able to go down the path for the first time with our kids.  This was such a special moment.  To see the kids really thinking and praying was something that will always be embedded in my heart and mind.  Moments like this really make you stop and realize He is with us.


I love the dedication of all the staff during this retreat.  Not only did they do their program but they connected with our kids, and made them feel important. They took the time to invest in them.  Shawn was our group leader and was wonderful with our kids.  He made our time fun, but always made sure everyone was safe.  We were so lucky to have him as our leader.  These young men and women are amazing.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of the confirmation weekend.
I can’t wait until next year!