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Summer 2015 Curriculum

Posted by Shawn Fordham

Jul 7, 2015 6:08:10 PM

Every year in the early spring, a group of curriculum writers gather to begin dreaming for the following summer. The ideas from that meeting are crafted and formatted into what will become the theme for that summer. The team members are taught this curriculum during orientation week and use it to create the flow of a week at camp and to teach the campers about God in a fun way. Within this curriculum is a schedule of what to teach and when to teach it so the team members are able to comfortably guide a small group.

This summer our theme is ECHO: a life worth living. Our goal is to teach the kids about Jesus’s life and walk them through the different stages of his life so they can see the way he lived and be inspired to echo the way he lived.


Throughout the week, each day represents a different season on the Liturgical calendar. On Mondays we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus. On Tuesday the campers learn about Epiphany. They experience different ways that God is revealed in Christ. On Wednesday we recognize Lent. In the morning at devotions, the campers experience the Imposition of Ashes. It is on this day that the campers hear about the sacrifice that God made and how much he truly loves us. On Thursday, Easter is celebrated. We start the day with praise time being in the morning which could represent a form of a sunrise service. The kids love Thursdays because the day feels like a huge celebration filled with so many fun activities. On Friday, the campers learn about how to grow in the spirit and the Church. On Fridays they go to workshops where they learn a little bit about theology, how to recognize a calling, and are also given the opportunity to ask the weekly worship leader some questions about their faith.

 IMG_1933Friday night worship for Middle School Camp

As the campers come and experience a week at camp, our hope is that they have come to camp and experienced God in some way. We hope that when they leave they will have learned what it truly means to ECHO a life of Christ and how to lead others to do the same.

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