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Week 5 Update

Posted by Ty Revell

Jul 15, 2016 7:52:01 PM

Well, here we are. Friday of Week 5. Over halfway through the summer.
I’ve asked counselors to sum up their entire summer in 6 words. Let’s see what they have to say:
“One of the best summers ever” 
“Um, I don’t know. Let’s see”
“So many kids, so little time”
“Blind mosquitos, no water, don’t care”
“Have you seen my bathing suit?”
“Can I get a weather check?”
“I just took a caffeine pill”


Team has been putting in a whole lot of work over the past 6 weeks, and their hard work has been totally worth it. Here’s some (guesstimated) statistics:

Over the past 5 weeks of camp, somewhere in the vicinity of 1,500 campers have passed through our gates.

Our chapel bands have led worship 75 times.

Our work crews have put in roughly 325 collective hours maintaining camp.

We have served roughly 30,000 meals.

Our support team has attended 30 meetings at 7:15 in the morning.


We have sung countless Disney songs and prayed countless prayers. The work we are doing here is tiring, and we are certainly feeling the effects of exhaustion. But we know that the work we are doing is bigger than any of us. Our determination to make sure that our campers have a great week stands tall over our muscles and immune systems crying for us to rest.


God, grant us the strength to continue on. We need you. May our words be yours today and forevermore.


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