Scholarship Information
January 12-14, 2018

This year funds have been allocated to support clergy whose churches are unable to financially support this retreat.  It is our hope that these funds are only used if necessary, so that those clergy who truly need the help can have access to it.  Below you will find a scholarship letter from the conference office and a scholarship form to be submitted to the conference office.

+ Applications are due by January 5th, 2018
+ Notify the camp office by e-mailing , so that we can account for this in the registration process.
+ The Conference Letter asks for a copy of the registration form or receipts from the event. This is not necessary  to include with your application, but we do confirm with the conference that you have already registered (with or without a deposit). So registering is required before you can apply for the scholarship. 
+ This scholarship is designed to pay a portion (50% or less) of the overall registration fee. If the number of family members attending decreases, the amount of the scholarship will reflect that loss. 

Conference Scholarship Letter
Scholarship Form 

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