Warren W. Willis United Methodist Camp and Conference Center
Creation Care Policy

The management staff of the Warren W. Willis United Methodist Camp and Conference Center believe that to achieve our mission of cultivating a natural, sacred space in Florida, we must lead not only economically, but environmentally and socially as well. WWCCC understands that we are in a prominent position to impact the environment of the state of Florida both through our policies and by educating the adults, youth, and children who enjoy these spaces.

It is the intent of this policy and a separate Action Plan to offer a stewardship framework for our camp and conference ministry properties. Creation Care – born of God’s mandate to steward God’s earth and love our neighbor - touches the elements of people care, earth care and the space between. As children of God and United Methodists, we recognize that we are caretakers of God’s earthly kingdom. We mean for this document to serve as a covenant with our staff, guests, and Creator. The principles and actions laid out are intended to make us more mindful inhabitants and consumers of this world.

Consumption Habits
We will be conscious of the direct and indirect impacts of our use of commodities and the waste we create. We will evaluate all of our business practices and pursue those that make the smallest negative environmental impact.

Maintenance Practices
We will create sacred space in a natural setting through responsible preventive maintenance and Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ practices, ensuring that our equipment and facilities operate at maximum efficiency will help minimize our impact on the environment.  

Education Process
We will serve as an example of responsible environmental practices for both people and businesses. We will take every opportunity to teach our staff, guests, and campers the purpose of our actions and the value of creation care as a spiritual discipline.

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